04/26/12 – Extraterrestrial Contact


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EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT: ETs, Ancient Aliens and Portals to the Cosmos
Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin on ancient documents the Old Testament tries to spin for a one-god universe. The Lessins and Renegade Radion FM hosts Rich and Marla discuss

*Who Was Yahweh
*Our Creation in God’s Image



Sumerian Version: Ningishzidda, Enki and Ninmah create Adamu,
the first slave species hybrid Nibiran/Erectus to work mines.

Bible Version: Enlil/Yahweh creates man.


Nibiran Astronauts mining gold in S. African mines before slaves replaced them


Homo Erectus Family With Fire

Homo Erectus: around for a million years before Homo Sapien Nibiran
geneticists blended their genes with Erectus‘ to make mine slaves


Genetic Humanoid mistakes created by Enki, Ninmah, Thoth

Nibirans’ genetic experiments (shown in pictures above and below)
before successful mine-slave prototype created.



Enlil sends Adamu and the pregnant Ti-Amat from Basara (Edin) back to Zimbabwe


OVERVIEW: Nibiran Goldminers = False God for Jews, Muslims & Christians

A: Frees us from godspell and Illuminati control.

Freer wrote: “I am convinced of the correctness of Sitchin’s thesis and of Sir Laurence Gardiner’s by utter coherence; they are the only explanations which contain no inexplicable elements, no contradictions and in which all the facts dance together in total consort.

“Our species’ internecine violence, a product of Babel-factoring for crowd control that has carried through to great wars and the religious mayhem of crusades, jihads, inquisitions and persecutions and not intrinsically of human nature. The Roman Church, a continuation of the fear of the god Enlil [Yahweh] type of subservient religion came into ascendance by an alliance with the gradual assimulation of the Roman empire and adopting its practices. Suppression of our true history through promulagation of the Hebrew Old Testament forgeries done to make Enlil their single monotheistic diety effected a racial amnesia and the ancient Sumerian culture was forgotten and only rediscovered in the late 1800s. Military and political controllers have suppressed the knowledge and data about alien presence on this planet by denial and ridicule.”

“When the Old Testament referred to The Lord (Adonai, Enki) it was when good things were being done to or for the Hebrews. When terrible things were being done or allowed to happen to them, the reference was always to Jehovah/Yahweh, Enlil) and it was to Enlil’s dominance that they finally capitulated and worshipped in fear. Enki (The Lord, Adonai) initiated a bloodline of human leaders, further enhanced with Anunnaki genes and taught the advanced scientific knowledge they possessed (Gardner). This royal bloodline, coming down through David and the anointed messiehs (anointed ones) was recognized but treated ambiguously by the large faction of the Hebrews who paid allegiance to Enlil. The Old Testament, a collection of books from which some considered unacceptable were excluded because they would contradict the forgeries necessary to establish Enlil as supreme, promulgates a religious attitude based in subservience and “fear of God”. It is this attitude, an extension of the ancient master-slave relationship which is at root of Western culture and the pervasive looking to the holders of power and dominance as ultimate and often absolute authority.

“The scenario replayed itself when the strain of Judaism that eventually became known as Christian allied itself with Rome and became the Roman Church. It perpetuated the Enlil type fear of God tradition and, in its turn, suppressed, persecuted and brutalized the human-centered strain of Christianity springing from the tradition fostered by Enki.

“This powerful religion of the Bishops and the Inquisition which could torture, main and kill to dominate and control that also controlled and dictated to the early Universities. Our schools of higher “learning” still parade the trappings of the Medieval university on ceremonial occasions and, unfortunately, all too often still in their limitation of discussion to approved subjects.

“This policy and position of dominant absolute authority on the part of the Roman Church extended itself gradually in the modality of the Roman political and military way and controlled and formed governments and government policies through kings and queens whose crowns were bestowed by the Church. Its policies unchanged, the Inquisition exists under the title of the Sacred Congregation. The latter day solution to the religious mayhem, always just under the surface, developed in the U. S. Constitution, still saw it necessary to give deference to the fearful God of the Judeo-Christian tradition, Yahweh/Jehovah — Enlil the Anunnaki, alien “god”.

“ Godspell characterizes the subservient, submissive attitude, the deepest dye in our cultural fabric that is the residual slave mentality from our beginnings as a genetically engineered slave race brought into being by the Anunnaki for their own practical purposes, primarily mining gold.

“Eventually, we became limited partners with them, a stable race, and are just coming out of a three thousand year traumatic transition from racial adolescence. But we were always subject to them and have been standing here looking up in the sky where they went when they phased off overtly (heaven became in the sky where they went, hell became underground where you worked to your death in the gold mines) looking for daddy to return to make everything right and tell us what to do again because we must have done something wrong to make them go away.

“Over time we have sublimated one of them, Enlil (Jehovah/YHWH) a rather disagreeable, harsh, peevish individual, cruel toward humans, into a cosmic being with infinite characteristics. This metaphysical cosmification process through the Roman Church‘s scholastic theologians has caused a great deal of confusion and obfuscation. When we, individually and racially, become genetically enlightened, we are empowered to break the godspell and become our own independent race and, individually, to become our own person, our own evolutionary artist, ready to go one-on-one with the universe.

“The establishment, fundamentalist Jews, Muslims and Christian fear the more efficient explanations Sitchin and the Vedas cited by Cremo [2003 (Human Devolution), Thompson (Alien Identities, 1993), for they would undermine research monies, social control and sinecures they treasure.”

Sasha Lessin: “Enki, his son Ningishzidda (whom Enki fathered with Erishkigal) and Ninmah, created our Nibiran/Erectus hybrid ancestors as the solution to a mutiny of Nibiran astronauts working in the South African mines. Enki fomented the mutiny just to get Enlil to support genetic creation of mine Earthlings to replace the Nibiran astronauts. Each generation, Enki mated with the prettiest females born to the hybrids; he multiplied the ratio of Nibiran to Erectus genes in our stock.

“Enki gave his part-Earthling son Ziasudra (Noah) a computer program (which the mysterious Galzu had materialized) that showed Ziasudra how to build the submersible to save his community.”


A: Freer wrote: “In 1393 B.C. Israelites entered Canaan. They edited the ancient records of Enki, Ninmah and Thoth creating us and thwarting Enlil into Genesis, to justify a national religion glorifying Enlil–who forbade us reproductive ability and wanted us all drown in Noah’s flood–as Yahweh, the one and only god. “When Mesopotamian records began to be unearthed in the 1800s, the history revealed from 4000 forward was the source of the Old Testament. The Israelites, allowed then to be confined to captivity by the Babylonians by Yahweh had drawn on that history and COMMITTED FORGERY. That history clearly shows that two Nibiran brothers, Enlil and Enki, had always been at odds with each other. Enki was the Nibiran who, together with his half-sister Ninmah, created humans and was always favorable to them. Enlil always had reservations about Earthlings and dominated them with severity.”

In some parts of the Bible, the ET called Yahweh is Enlil–where Yahweh hates Earthlings, wants them dead, and teaches them to hate women, obey blindly and murder his recalcitrant, branded Earthlings and perpetrate genocide on followers of his rivals. Sometimes Bible authors allude to Enki as Yahweh, other times, Yahweh and his deeds are done by members of his royal lineage–Adad, Ninurta, even Nannar.

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Planet X Nibiru - Enki Speaks

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